15 Differences Between A Real Woman And A Small Girl

We have so many big looking ladies who are not matured to the brain. Some are just big in size but don't know how to deal with their relationships. Some are as a result of bad friends, wrong environment or ignorance.

1. A Real woman plans with her man for the future but a small girl invests on material things for the present. She is interested in collecting money to buy clothes, shoes and bag but not for the progress of the both of them.

2. A Real woman is submissive to the right orders and know when to object but a small girl keeps nagging about everything.

3. A Real woman is independent. She doesn't disturb her man for everything. She can take care of herself and ask at the right time but a small girl will ask for everything not minding if he has or not.

4. A Real woman is ready to be good in the kitchen. She is ready to learn how to cook if she dosen't know it before. A small girl is never bothered, she feels her housegirl will always take care of it. Some men prefer their wives' cooking their own personal food.

5. A Real woman is an industrious woman. She is ready to work or support her husband in any little way. She is never lazy and she understands her husband struggle. A Small girl doesn't care and prefers to sit at home as long as he brings in the money.

6. A Real Woman is prudent. She saves her money for the future. She buys necessary things. While a small girl exhaust all the money on vain things and never try to save.

7. A Real woman can take care of her home. She is neat and has good manners. She doesn't litter the house with unnecessary things. A small girl is always too lazy to do anything. She prefers to pay people to do it or force her friends. Its not a crime to pay people to work for you, but when you make it a mandate out of laziness, then its not healthy enough. Some people always busy, while some will be indoors and still cant do it.

8. A Real woman loves God. She is close to Him. She is ready to work and give to his house. A small girl only cares about party and club. She never praises her creator.

9. A Real Woman is purposeful. She has a vision and drives towards it. She is respected among her peers. She adds to her society. A small girl cares about fashion and money. Nothing matters.

10. A Real woman is committed to her man. She doesn't double date or chase men around. A real woman is faithful to the cause, she doesn't cheat and her spouse trusts her. A small girl keeps many boyfriends and man friends for various purposes.

11. A Real woman doesn't spend her time watching programs that doesn't add to their life. She is always reading and preparing for the future. She is always busy doing the right things. A small girl only watch fashion programmes and wants to be like "kim kardarshian".

12. A Real woman dresses decently. She doesn't expose her body for the whole world to see. A small girl believes in attracting the whole street. She leaves it all open for them to see.

13. A Real woman always make hefr family proud of her. She makes her spouse proud too. A small girl brings disgrace to the house.

14. A Real Woman always know when to avoid arguments that can lead to physical fights. She acts maturedly in handling people. A small girl is always ready to get crazy with anyone that offends her.

15. A Real woman works with time. She is loyal and trustworhty. She has a good name and personality. A small girl breaks promises, breaks heart and never care about loyalty.

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