Capsules Needed After Breakup.

#1 Don’t Rethink Things
Second-guessing the situation can make things much more painful. If you did the break-up, then you did it for a reason, so try remind yourself of that. If you got dumped, then it’s only going to cause more pain to try and get them to change their mind. Accept the ending that occurred, and do what you can to be at peace with it. Don’t despair- things will get better sooner than you think, but in the meantime, here’s a big virtual hug from me to you.

#2 Cry
Don’t feel ashamed about doing it- it’s so much better to let it out than to repress those feelings. Find somewhere hat you’re comfortable, and just cry as much and as often as possible, especially in the first few days. It’ll help you release the emotions and feel better faster, so you can get back to feeling awesome ASAP!

#3 Deal With the Pain in a Healthy and Responsible Way
As Kanye West once said: “The plan was, to drink until the pain over. But what’s worse, the pain or the hangover?” Truer words may have never been said: Don’t go the easy route by doing things like drinking, because that doesn’t help you deal with your emotions, and mosttimes it might even make things worse.

#4 Use a Journal or a Diary
Sometimes, though, you just don’t feel secure talking to anyone, but you still need to vent. That’s okay, because that’s what journalling is for- it lets you speak your mind and work through your troubles all by yourself. Just make an effort to write down the good things as well as the bad- that way, you’ll start noticing more of the good parts of your life!

#5 Talk to Your Best Friends
When you’re at your most vulnerable, you’ll need people to talk to who you aren’t afraid of judging you. If your best friends aren’t close by, Skype them in or give them a call; talking is one of the most cathartic activities you can engage in, and it’s even better if that person knows you well. Even though your romantic relationship has ended, there are still plenty of people watching out for you!

#6 Don’t Hate Yourself
It’s common to have plenty of negative feelings about the end of a relationship. You might feel guilty, unattractive, uninteresting, or all of the above. Don’t let this get to your head: Relationships are tricky, and they don’t always work out for plenty of reasons.

#7 Pick Up a New Hobby
Focusing some of your spare time onto taking up a new activity can deal with a lot of the problems of a break-up. It gets rid of some of your excess time, puts you in a situation to meet and relate to new groups of people, and can help stop and negative self-perceptions you have about yourself by actually making you an even more interesting person.

#8 Spoil Yourself
The world might keep spinning after a break-up, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately try to keep up. Take it easy for a day or two; call in sick, catch a movie with a friend, and do things you love to do but normally don’t get the chance to. Remember, your peace of mind is the most important thing on the planet, so use some time to just take care of yourself.

#9 Don’t Try to Rebound Immediately
We know a lot of people are probably telling you to get back out there, but that’s just not the right thing to do for a while. Rebound relationships typically don’t last long, and they frequently become complicating and confusing affairs that do more harm than good to your psyche.

#10 Change Your Surroundings
This might seem odd, but the more you change after a breakup, the better. Get new bedding, confiscate all of the old mementos from the relationship (or have a friend do that), change whatever you feel comfortable changing.

#11 Go to the Gym
Exercise is an excellent way of dealing with a tough time. For one thing, a good workout triggers the release of endorphins in your body, making you feel better on a chemical level. Additionally, working on yourself naturally improves your self-confidence, which helps with all of the image issues a breakup can create. Feel good, look good, and deal with some of that extra time- there’s really no downside!

#12 Delete Their Contact Information
Going along with the previous tip, take the effort to delete as much contact information of theirs as possible. If a person keeps showing up in your phone book and your email addresses, you’ll think of them every time you have to use those services.

#13 Be Productive With Your Time
You probably devoted hours of your day to your significant other, and dealing with that empty space in your schedule can be one of the most challenging things to do after a breakup. Instead of moping, you can try redirecting your energy to productive tasks, I remember going to learn how to design web was the choice I made then during mine, thou had that on mind for a long time but had to do it then and it was just the perfect time.

#14 Avoid Being Alone
After a breakup, everyone needs to think things through a little bit on their own, but it’s important to make sure you’re around people, preferably people you love or at least like. So cheer up and surround yourself with friends! Thanks to my dear cousin, who was there when I was going through mine.

#15 Make a Clean Break
This might be the hardest one to follow, because it’s really hard to completely let go of a person who was once such a huge part of your life out of it. However, you have to go cold turkey, because staying friends immediately after just doesn’t work. You’ll stay fixated on them, slip into old habits, and you’ll constantly be on edge around them.

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