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Hi readers,

Please am kinda confused right now.

Am 32years and I was dumped by my lover 6month ago after dating for 7years. He promised me the whole world and finally got married to another lady. He kept saying that he wanted me to get pregnant first before marriage which is against my beliefs. At the end he went for another woman who agreed to his proposal.

There is this man that works around my area. He is 42years old and has a family in Ekiti state. He works in Abuja and stays alone too. He promised to take good care of me and am getting old too.

I don't want to die as a single and I feel this is an opportunity for me.

Most men that have been coming these days are not so serious or not matured.

What do you think I should do? I never dreamt of being a second wife but I don't seem to have a choice now.

Should I be patient till I meet someone else or I should just go with this man since I will be staying far away from his family?

Your advice please.

Thanks for Reading.

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