Do I Become His Third Wife Or Stay Single?

Hello Admin,

You have been doing a good job. I would love to seek your opinion on a matter that has been bothering me.

I want your fans out there to also advise me.

I am a 43year old woman, am divorced from my husband. I have been seperated from him for two years now. We had irreconcilable differences and decided to stay apart. We have 3 children together and am in custody of two and he has one with him.

I have been managing to cater for them and help my life too. I met a man in his late 40's few months back and we have been good friends since then. He has been married twice and things didnt go well but we have both strategised plans on to make our own marriage work. He has proposed to me for a week now but am a bit confused.

He has promised to make things work for us and has been very nice all these while. Am tired of being single on my own. I feel we can step up our relationship like he thinks. Am just scared of how it would turn out. I have not been seeing any single man that wants to marry me. He is a very nice and caring man. He has been acting like a father to my children.

Do I say yes to his proposal or keep waiting for a single man too. We are both divorced and willing to give love another chance.

Readers out there, the ball is in your court. What do you think? Does she stay single or go ahead. Whatever answers you give should be backed up with reasons. Be free to share your views. Do drop your comment below.

Stay Blessed!!!

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2 thoughts on “Do I Become His Third Wife Or Stay Single?

  1. pls ma. its better u remain single than marry a man who couldnt make his 2 other marriages work. he can go back and make the old ones work.

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