I Caught Him In Bed With His “So Called Sister”. I don’t know What’s Going On? Read More Here…………

I have been dating John for 3 years now and we have been very close.

Early this year, he introduced me to a lady I met in his house as his sister and his cousin also confirmed it.

We have plans to do our introduction by June and we are envisaging going to see my parents next month.

He started acting funny lately but I didn't take it serious.

He told me he wanted to travel home and he would be gone 1week. I have been hoping he would call me when he gets there but he didn't. I was so worried, I kept on calling his number but it was switched off. His cousin was forming busy too.

I decided to go to his house since I have his extra keys to avoid staying indoors with my friends.

While approaching his room, I started hearing noises of a lady screaming his name. I was shocked at the noise and decided to move closer only for me to discover it was coming directly from his own personal room. How could it be?!! I moved closer and wheew!!!, the door was even left open.

I saw John right on her, yes, with his so called sister I have been respecting for so long now.

They were really panting like they have just finished marathon race.

I almost fainted, I didn't even know the angel that brought me back to life.

I later found out that , that was the lady recognized as his fiancée by his parent.

We have been dating for 3years now. Am so confused. Am 27years. I don't even know where to start from.

My parents must not hear about this because they have been planning for the introduction he was coming for.

Please what do I do?

Thanks for Reading.

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