Must Read: A Poem To The One I Love

Ok now! Slow down. I didn’t write this myself uhn and its not meant for me.
A fan wrote this to the one he loves and sharing it for the world to see and her eyes to read is the most romantic thing I could help him with here. A nice one, read below………….
I thank God!, for He through the creeks and rocks brought me to find you!
As subtle as you are, gracing over the vaguely set landscape and adorning it with your radiant colors like the sparkle of diamonds In light.
So I thought to myself, Hmmm! This is a precious one, heavens forbid that I leave her out here in the wild.
So I begged to take her with me and place her on a pedestal in the midst of my own garden, Where I take earnest pleasure in pruning, watering and guarding her with my bare hands, because I would see nothing harm her.
That’s how you came to be mine. So I pray in my heart every morning as I wake, that the sun rises and shines its warmth on us, as you blossom and show off your Colors.
That you find opulent favors with the lilies and the butterflies and stay favored amongst your kind. And all kings shall desire your elegance to validate their royalty. And I; the lucky one, be forever young at heart because I have you to cherish! My beautiful rose! Agatha.
Wow!!!!So romantic and touching. I love it, muah. What about you?
You can try one too you know.

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