|Must Read|: My New Year Resolution Is To Flirt

Hello Readers,

Am a male of 30 yrs. I made a new year resolution on 31st of last year December to flirt around this year because I believe am getting close to the last bus stop but this wishes has been affecting my relationship with Christ. Yeah, because most girls now adays want me to be committed to them before anything can happen. They don’t trust me easily like before. They will want us to be friends and keep chatting before anything can creep in to the relationship. And I had my new resolution not to be fooled around again. Ishould just enjoy life as it comes. Am not dedicating my time and money on a girl.

Am not frequent in church anymore. I don’t even have the time to medidate on His words again. I use to see visions for people before, deliver messages to them but now it doesn’t work that way. I know God wants me to be a pastor but I want to enjoy myself for myself for now. All I think about is the new fish am having around me now.

Is friendship still necessary before relationships? What can I do to satisfy my wish and still keep my relationship with Christ?


Let me start by saying that you cannot serve mammon and God at the same time. You cannot either be cold or hot, you have to pick a spot. Living a life of pleasure can be enjoyable but it has no profit therein.

For you to have made such resolution, it means you must have been hurt, depressed or shattered. Giving up isn’t a solution, trying harder should be. The devil always use bad situations to showcase his worth and lead people downward. We must be aware of his vices and resist him at all times.

You cannot enjoy your relationship with God if you are satisfying and feeding your flesh at the same time, you should kill it. Don’t expect satisfaction from any girl if you don’t value the relationship with your father. Humans can never satisfy you even if they can try.

Friendship is very necessary for any relationship to breathe alive. You should stop expecting too much. Friendship opens you to characters and values you should spot in a potential partner. Don’t be in a hurry to jump into any relationship.

What exactly are you expecting from them? Sex? Sex? No way! It doesn’t work that way. Focus on how to please Christ and not Self. It’s a NO for pre-marital sex.

All is vanity. Don’t fall into this temptation. Work on your progress. If God is using you, then your downfall is going to be a disaster to your life and a thing of joy for the devil.

May God help you.

This is just a little of the advice given to him.

Don’t be fustrated to live a life of pleasure. Seek to satisfy God so you don’t lose at the end.

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