Poem: Addiction

Dear addiction
I’m standing on my motion
I’m writing this to you
Telling you we’re through

Can’t think of what I liked you for
But all you did was, wear me out
I remember you came to me with promise and joy
But you played my life like a toy

You ruined it all with one little tease
Family, life, bank accounts, you see?
Look at the way you make me feel
Then you take it all and want me to steal

I keep coming back thinking inside
Why can’t you go far away, somewhere I will never find
Everyone around me doesn’t understand
How you ripped me apart, then lend me a hand

Millions came to you
Hoping and praying you’ll help them through
They feel for your lending hand
Only to realize you’re a scam

I sat and wondered why
Why do you really want me to die?
You promised me heaven but sent me to hell
You ruined my life and then wished me well

Watch me as I go on my way
I’m cleansing myself of your pain
You and your power should just let me be
I’m taking my life and setting it free.

By Akanni Olamilekan

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