“ If you read this book and apply the tips she generously shares in it, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results in your life. --Modupe Ehirim ”
  • Find out the problems: Find out the mistakes I made in my previous relationships that you need to avoid also.
  • Learn how to re-position yourself: Find out how I discovered myself and started a new journey that changed everything about my life now.
  • Get solution to past hurts and baggage: Find out how to heal, love and trust again easily.

Sincerely I'v been scared of going into relationships because I had an horrible past.... Which keep reoccurring anytime any one ask me out. I find it difficult to love. I might probably crush but later, it's all gone but after I read the book, I just had this heavy burden dropped off me. I've learnt on how to work basically on myself in all ramifications Spiritually, academically, purpose, career wise and lots more. This is so inspiring.

Ogundeji Oluwadunsin Faith

In this book you will discover:

Your mindset foundation

I shared about how my desires from childhood came in the way of finding true love and how I formed unhealthy beliefs that affected my relationships.

The effect of consistent break-ups and limiting beliefs

Do you know your past relationships can create a new perception that can ruin your chances of a healthy relationship?

Practical, Step-by-Step Recipes

Find out the steps I took to become attractive and discover purpose before attracting my husband.

Unlock Your Unique Secrets

Learn about what you have been doing wrong, how to re-position yourself and become more irresistible to men and women.

Nikeeeeeeeeee!!! I am already eating your book; it is amazing. I know I will read it again but right now my eyes are glued to my screen and I am very sure my mind is being renewed. much to learn. Well done and thank you so much for this. I am about to start chapter 4 as I send this message. Awesome.

Oparaji Emmanuella

20 answers you will get from reading "HOW I GOT THE RING"

  • How to gain clarity in a relationship.
  • How to identify red flags in a relationship.
  • ​10 attributes your relationship must have.
  • Smarter ways to build friendship that can lead to healthy relationships.
  • How to stop accepting the wrong people.
  • Mistakes singles make in a relationship.
  • Why and when you should start a relationship.
  • Practical answers from married people on how to choose the right partner.
  • How to turn from "not-needed" to "most valuable and attractive".
  • How your childhood experiences can affect your relationship.
  • How to heal, love and trust again.
  • How to build your personal brand for re-positioning in relationships.
  • How being desperate for marriage won't help you settle down well.
  • What you should be doing after a break up before you get into another relationship.
  • 7 ways to become attractive and irresistible.
  • 3 mistakes men make with ladies and how to correct it.
  • How unforgiveness can stop you from attracting a partner.
  • How your attitudes can alter your desire to get married.
  • 5 foundations you must set right before starting a relationship.
  • 10 things to do before and after you start a relationship.