HOW I GOT THE RING: My step by step guide from a confused single to an attractive woman who finally got the ring without stress.

The full guide to turn your life around and build the relationship of your choice.
  • Find out the foundation of all the patterns that have surfaced in your relationships.
  • Understand the power of self-discovery and how you can use it to get whatever you want.
  • Learn how to ask the right questions and move the ladder from being single to dating and spotting the right partner.
  • Discover the best ways to stay attractive and become valuable.
Ini Akpan

In an engaging manner, Nike chronicles her sweet and bitter experiences in the winding maze of love, heartbreak, broken promises and fulfilled expectations. Like a pro, she led me through her experiences, helping me discover myself in her frustrations, tears, joys, friendships and decisions.

Without trying too hard, she showed me how my thought patterns, background and environmental influences had shaped my actions and produced my current results. And like a train weaving through a dark tunnel, her stories led me out to the burst of light on the other side screaming, “Yes! True love exists and getting the ring is not as difficult as I had thought.”

How I Got the Ring is for every young adult who is either yet to go into a love relationship, just beginning one, mourning the loss of one or about to get out of one. It is a recommended manual for everyone who desires to have happy and fulfilling relationships with members of the opposite sex within and outside the perimeters of love, dating and marriage.

It is a balm for hurting souls, an eye-opener for true seekers, a guide for the confused and a light for those in the dark. At whatever stage of life, you are in, this is one book you need to read, especially if you want to avoid (or teach others to avoid) relationship pitfalls. Get your copy today.


A man or a woman who:

  • Wants to experience a better relationship.
  • Heal from past relationships and break ups.
  • Learn the right way of building  a relationship from the scratch.
  • Find out the attraction secrets and how to stop making repeated mistakes.​
  • Wants to learn the right approach to relationship, become responsible and finally make it work.

The book "HOW I GOT THE RING" is really one of the best out of the few books that I have read and loved and out of the many I have read so far. The book really presented a picture of what is happening in my relationship life presently. I so much love the realities in the book and much more the practical life story aspect. God bless you so much sis! I recommend the book to ladies out there,its really a must read!

Ayoola Ajayi

I have read lots of books this year at least 30 to be exact, but "How I Got the ring" stood out of them all for me.The lessons learned there are so poignant and highly instructive. God bless Nike Folagbade for yet another blockbuster. The book is simply phenomenal.

Babatunde Akinola

In the Book, You Will Discover:


  • How to gain clarity in a relationship.
  • How to choose the right partner.
  • How to identify red flags in a relationship.
  • How to move from not being needed to being attractive and valuable.


  • Smarter ways to build friendships that can lead to a healthy relationship.
  • How to stop accepting the wrong persons in a relation.
  • Why and when to start an ideal relationship.
  • Top mistakes singles make in relationships.


  • 4 ways to build your personal brand in and before a relationship.
  • 7 ways to become attractive and irresistible.
  • 3 mistakes men make with ladies and how to correct it.
  • How your attitude can alter your chance for a successful relationship.


  • How to heal, love and trust again.
  • How unforgiveness can stop you from attracting your ideal partner.
  • 5 foundations you must set right before starting a relationship.
  • What you should be doing after a break up before a new partner comes and so much more.

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Meet the Author: Nike Adedokun Folagbade

I help singles overcome heartbreaks, become more attractive and get re-positioned for a healthy relationship. I have gone through several heartbreaks, got confused and I finally discovered what went wrong with me before getting intentional about my relationship. I am also a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Results Coach. 

Reading the book "How I got the ring" by Nike Folagbade has been an eye opener to me. Many truths about the mistakes I made in my previous relationship were unveiled. I saw myself in her story as the patterns were very similar. I did not take time to process somethings neither did I ask certain relevant questions. I felt love & friendship would cover up many lapses but things soon went tipsy turbsy. My friends who had always placed me on a high pedestal were disappointed but now I know that am infallible. I have decided to being to work at repositioning myself and with time I will heal completely. This book has been a blessing to me.

Jennifer Olawole

Please get the book. It is a must read! Coach Nike, thank you so much for all the experiences you shared in this book. Sincerely, I'm already having a shift in my outlook towards relationship. Thank you ma.


Are you still thinking if it's worth it?

How I got the ring is not a 5 steps to get it right format, it is a real life experience showing you all the areas you need to tackle and understand in the journey through building healthy relationships.

Why Wait? Get the book now (from Amazon):

Why Wait? Get the ebook now:


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