How I Got The Ring 

“ If you read this book and apply the tips she generously shares in it, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results in your life. --Modupe Ehirim ”
  • Find out the problems: Find out the mistakes I made in my previous relationships that you need to avoid also.
  • Learn how to re-position yourself: Find out how I discovered myself and started a new journey that changed everything about my life now.
  • Get solutions to past hurts and baggage: Find out how to heal, love and trust again easily.


Nike is that one author that stands by the right side when every other author is on the left .in her book 'How I got the Ring', she forces you to see exactly where you are, where you are headed too, where you want to be and most importantly how to get there.Unlike other 'guru' authors, she relates with you and you are able to make that change instantaneously.If you are really serious about making that change and becoming that attractive partner, 'How I got the Ring' is a MUST. It's a blessing. Thank you Nike.

Sincerely I'v been scared of going into relationships because I had an horrible past.... Which keep reoccurring anytime any one ask me out. I find it difficult to love. I might probably crush but later, it's all gone but after I read the book, I just had this heavy burden dropped off me. I've learnt on how to work basically on myself in all ramifications Spiritually, academically, purpose, career wise and lots more. This is so inspiring.


Reading the book "How I got the ring" by Nike Folagbade has been an eye opener to me. Many truths about the mistakes I made in my previous relationship were unveiled. I saw myself in her story as the patterns were very similar. I did not take time to process somethings neither did I ask certain relevant questions. I felt love & friendship would cover up many lapses but things soon went tipsy turbsy. My friends who had always placed me on a high pedestal were disappointed but now I know that am infallible. I have decided to being to work at re-positioning myself and with time I will heal completely. This book has been a blessing to me.



You can make a bank transfer directly to GTBank, Adenike Adedokun O, 0050407100 then send your details to for ebook or hardcopy.


Nike Adedokun Folagbade

I help singles overcome heartbreaks, become more attractive and get re-positioned for a healthy relationship. I have gone through several heartbreaks, got confused and I finally discovered what went wrong with me before getting intentional about my relationship. I am also a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Results Coach.

In this book you will discover:

Your Mindset Foundation

I shared about how my desires from childhood came in the way of finding true love and how I formed unhealthy beliefs that affected my relationships.

The Effects of Consistent Breakups and Limiting beliefs

Do you know your past relationships can create a new perception that can ruin your chances of a healthy relationship?

Practical, Step-by-Step Recipes

Find out the steps I took to become attractive and discover purpose before attracting my husband.

Unlock Your Unique Secrets

Learn about what you have been doing wrong, how to re-position yourself and become more irresistible to men and women.

I must say that although I haven't finish reading your book, I have gotten so much inspiration and it has fired up my zeal to be relevant in my generation.