Will you like us to talk personally about the burdens and questions in your heart?

What's the Main Focus in Your Love Life Now?

Heal from past hurts

Will you like us to talk about some unresolved issues or past heartbreak to enable you heal, live and love fully again?

Attract a quality partner

Have you been struggling with attracting a quality partner and time is ticking so fast?

Determine if you are with the right one

You want to find out how to identify if you are with the right one or not?

Deal with an abusive relationship

Are you currently dealing with an abusive partner and you want to know how to let go without getting hurt?

Strengthen your current relationship

You want to find out how to move your present relationship from ordinary to extra-ordinary?

Talk to a woman like a pro!

Do you want to learn how to overcome rejection, approach any woman and keep up an interesting conversation.

I understand how powerful it is to pour out your issues, seek clarity, gain directions and keep it confidential!

I'm Nike Adedokun Folagbade

Over 5 years ago, I got heartbroken in a mysterious and painful way. All my mind was focused on settling down soon when everything suddenly changed.

After going through lots of betrayals, rejection and addictions, I can as well tell you what it took me to get positioned. I didn't know my values had been tampered with by my experiences unconsciously. I didn't know the pains and baggage of the past had taken over my original self. I wanted to settle for less, I wanted to feel loved at all cost. I was busy working on my external part and ignoring the real me but self awareness led me to self mastery.

Few years ago, I got my heartbroken even when I saw the signals. I knew I didn't deserve such treatments but I preferred to change him. I chose to stay and I got into a mess for that. I did all I could but it still crashed.

I cried. I was nervous. I was scared, frustrated, depressed, name it all.

Few years down the line, I have become a brand new person who now knows what she wants and goes for it. I have been coaching singles and married on healing and building healthy relationships for 5 years now. I'm also a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic programming and Results coach which helps my skills in therapy, coaching and mentoring.

But I didn't get to that stage in a minute; it took a lot of deliberate steps.

I had to release myself from the past, heal, recover, get transformed and build my attraction forces.

This is why I want you to release your burdens and fear and talk to me confidentially about it.


Coach Nike is an exceptional relationship counselor, kind, gentle,a great listener and Solution oriented.  Her key word is "Be Intentional" which I felt was too easy a solution to relationship problems until I recently applied it to my happiness and got great result on my first trial.
Thanks to coach Nike my life radiates more joy and I see myself becoming more confident, attractive also my relationship is smooth and peaceful.
I'll recommend coach Nike to everyone that desire to have a major shift and transformation in life as she targets the origin of all problem.

Nike Adedokun is an amazing coach. After my first session during the ultimate relationship class I was able to understand how my thinking was holding me back in various aspects of my life.


What you get after the session

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    Discover the key strategies that strengthen relationships and keep them exciting and alive.
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    Deal with the inevitable challenges that often arise in relationships.
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    Get clarity around your burdens and get directions to help you make wise decisions.
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    Start a journey towards healing and self discovery.
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    Ask me any questions you need clarity on.

On different occasions I have spoken to people for help on some emotional issues, I sometimes get what I've known or stuffs that may not really help situations at hand from them. I spoke to coach Nike, I took up the responsibility of investing in my life after she told me I have to be intentional about what I want, truth be told I have heard this plenty times. After the first module of the program, I knew I had some long way to go, and I'm determined to take the bull by its horn and see me blossoming again!”


Many thanks to you for your generous counseling via phone last night. It was indeed a great honor and privilege to have you talk to me. The session was really worth it. You were able to address key areas in the conversation and solutions were proffered. The frequency of your apt-listening methodology and sequence of response was timely, proactive and solution-driven.

AYO  //  


Whatsapp Chat Session

  • 1 hour session
  • 1 Follow up chat
  • Assignment

₦15,000 or $43

₦5,000 or $15

Skype/Whatsapp Call session

  • 1 hour session
  • Email follow up
  • Assignment

₦25,000 or $71

₦10,000 or $29

Phone call session

  • 1 hour session
  • Email follow up
  • Assignment

₦35,000 or $99

₦12,000 or $34

What is the process like?

1. Make payment by clicking the "BOOK HERE" in the pricing table or pay directly to GTBank, Adenike Adedokun O, 0050407100.

2. After payment, you will be redirected to a form where you will fill your details. If you pay directly, an email will be sent to you with the form to fill. 

3. A convenient session will date and time will be agreed on with a complimentary follow up.