She Is Pregnant For Another Guy But I Want Her Back………Read More………..

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The girl am dating, before I met her she was dating a guy, but when we started dating she left the guy for another person and she know who the guy is dating now… So when ever I went to her place she is not use to give me attention because of this guy, recently she told me she is pregnant that she will abort it and I told her not to but she insist in doing it….
On sunday I went to her place this same guy call her to came and she left me and went to go and meet the guy…. I know she not only me that she is dating… I just need your advice may be I should leave her or I should keep on dating her.
In as much as you feel you love her, I need you to know that love is a more delicate decision. You might be overwhelmed by your emotions now but I bet that in years from now, you would be more matured and wouldn’t want to stay with her again.
You don’t have any future there my dear, why waste your care and love on someone who doesn’t need it from you. It’s not easy quie alright. I can imagine how you feel right now but moving on is the strongest thing you can do as a man now. She shouldn’t abort the baby. Let her bear her cross with her new man as you face your life. It shouldn’t make you feel less than you are. You would meet someone else in the future that you would be more content with and would love you just the way you are. Till then, make good use of your life. Focus on your dreams. Discover your purpose and make your life worthwhile.
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