Increase visibility and profitability using social media like a guru!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed about the whole social media buzz and always end up confused on which platform to promote yourself; your goods and services?

Are you a newbie in the social media world or you are not so techy but would love to know the most important ways to keep up with your customers, sell your products and become an authority?


  • You want to go beyond chatting all day to churning out contents that can help people and also make you money in return?
  • You have a passion to write, train and teach but do not know how to use the social media platforms to grow your space?
  • You already organize training programs offline but want to learn how to connect to more people throughout the world?
  • You sell products online and nobody shows interest in what you advertise.
  • You admire some influencers but don't know how to connect with them.
  • ​You see your colleagues and mates becoming popular, getting media apperances, selling out online courses but you don't know how to go about it?
  • Everything looks overwhelming but you want to learn how to use less time and add more value to people.
  • You already write online but you want to find out more on how to build authority, gain customers and become an infleuncer intentionally.
  • You have a busy schedule but still want to keep up socially?
  • You love to design quote images and program fliers but don't know how to go about it without paying heavily to a graphic designer.
  • ​You already write great contents on social media but want to learn how to make money by being a social media manager?
  • You are tired of going to google to check every thing about the social media and you want to reduce your time spent making too many research and experiment?
Anita Okanigbe-John

When I wanted to get into social media, I needed help with my website and how to get people to subscribe into mailing list. After a brief session with Nike, I was able to learn how to put touches to my website, create autoresponders, build my mailing list and create my online courses. It has helped me to get better with reaching out to people."


  • Become an authority online and get paid for using your talents.
  • Sell your products easily and engage directly with customers.
  • Build an email list of people who know, like and trust you.
  • Build platforms of people who trust you and are willing to pay you.
  • Become consistent and own your social media space.
  • Learn how to schedule posts, engage intentionally and get featured on the TV and radio stations.
  • Make money from being a social media manager or virtual assistant.
  • Reach more people with your hobbies, talents and purpose.
  • Get a job by using the social media platforms deliberately.
  • Host and sell your online courses repeatedly throughtout the world.
  • Learn how to create podcasts, webinars and blog posts that gets you attention.
  • Design beautiful images without the help of a graphics designer.