The Man Who Raped Me 8years ago Is Threatening To Want Me Back After Marriage; What Do I Do? Read More Here………..

This is the story of a woman who was raped 8years ago but is being hunt by her past presently.

8 years before now, a lady intended to attend a friend's birthday party.

On getting there,the celebrant (her friend) introduced her to a guy to keep her company since she never came with any. They both had nice time and exchanged contact.

From there, it all started! He called her consistently and they kept getting in-touch with each other until he sold out an invitation on a date with her. Luckily for him, she bought it. The spot to meet was an hotel.

On the appointed day, she met him in the hotel room. Long and short, she was raped. It all ended between them thereafter.

She got married 2 years ago to a muslim man. Though, she is a muslim too. She maintained peace and love in her home with a kid which she gave birth two months after her marriage. She only made a mistake of not telling her husband about it.

Four months after she came back from Mecca, she realised a specific number does flash her often times, on returning the calls, they're missed.

After two week whole sceneroa, she texted him demanding to know the flasher's identity. He revealed his identity in a bit, as the ''one who slept with her years ago'', mentioning the name of the hotel. She replied with a text, that has been buried in the pit of awful curses, shedding tears with mixed feelings.

Afterwards, she was worried and so eager to know how he got her contact, because she couldn't account for the number of phones and sims she has changed right after she was victimised. She called him to make to find out, but he never disclosed that.

He never stopped calling her, telling her he wants her back for a relationship , with the knowledge that she's now married. Moreso, threatening her with the plan of contacting her husband, waking up the ghost of her dead past. "I don't know how he got my husband number" she said in brutal tears.

Her husband know not a bit of her past, and she is scared of telling her husband because the outcome might be far from good.

She needs your to advice. What do you think is the best step to take so as to keep her joyful home from being destroyed?

Your advice would be appreciated…….

Thanks for Reading.

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5 thoughts on “The Man Who Raped Me 8years ago Is Threatening To Want Me Back After Marriage; What Do I Do? Read More Here………..

  1. Hmm, its nt easy…… Bt at d end he is ur husband, talk to him nd let him realise u are sorry for not telling him abt ur past(for me it's nt something I would like to talk abt either). He loves u, he should believe u nd together u can find a way to deal with d crazy rapist.

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