When The Hunted Becomes The Hunter

“I feel more excited and accomplished when I make her feel like a woman by being the one to propose. She smiles and then says Yes while I propose, that makes me feel manly but if she proposed and I say yes, that would make me feel like a sissy. She proposing shows desperation and I don’t like desperados”. By Nyakno Obong ——



“I don’t exactly see a problem with it. It doesn’t mean she should go all out and literally do it though, best all she could do is give the guy signs that he would pick on. PS: She must be certain the guy likes her even a little bit”. By Adewale Ademola —–


“It has happened to me before and am not the kind of person that finds it easy to propose. It’s not actually bad especially when the guy is not sure of the ladies feelings for him. Although Africans see it as being cheap, I see it as being real. I don’t advise a woman to ask a guy that doesn’t really love her out, she would be taken for granted. I then asked: “What if she is not sure of the love and they have been friends for like two years? He continued that: “The best a woman can do is to ask where the relationship is getting to. Is there any definition? Though she might be taking the lead that way” By Seun Emmanuel Alaofin of Sea Publications. —-


“I don’t like it. I wouldn’t trust her. I would feel she can do the same to any other man. Won’t respect that approach”. By Folayemi Itunu of Pholarstudios —-


“It depends on her. If she is okay with it. She can propose. I can’t determine what is right or not for anyone. She may if she feels like”. By Dr Malik Haruna


From the ladies point of view:


—-“The Bible said he that findeth a man not she that findeth a husband. God would have created Eve first if that’s the case. There is a place of positioning but not wooing. The man has to do the search and the chasing. It makes them feel good. A man won’t respect such woman because she acted cheap and might turn to other ladies that would make him feel like a man. She should allow him do it”. By Dorathy Ndidi (Adorable Oma) of Bruised but healed Ministry —-



3 thoughts on “When The Hunted Becomes The Hunter

  1. To me its not bad…as long as the guy can come out straight, if interested or no. Rather taking advance of her…No Dull Ur Self

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