When The Hunted Becomes The Hunter

“No, it’s wrong. Our culture and religion doesn’t permit it”. By Lewa Nuggets —-“It’s wrong for a lady to do that. She is not the man. She can only position herself for the guy and not act as the man. There are ways to give him the green light”. By Rachel Thom Manuel. —-


“The proposal should come from a man because there is a pride and ego attached to it”. By ChiAmaka Onyia


My view: It’s not about what the culture thinks or what the tradition says but I will like to state that there was no place in the Bible which should be our manual, where a woman proposed to a man. Ruth only positioned herself properly for the man to sight her and he did. She didn’t beg him to love her. There are various reasons why it should not be encouraged. Though it has worked for so many people but some have fallen victims into the wrong hands in that process. If he is meant for you, he would surely realize it someday as you position yourself. There is nothing wrong in it like you may think, its just a misuse of roles. Some married men could claim that it was their wives that proposed to them, that’s their luck. I have seen a guy who said that his uncle was proposed to by his wife and he doesn’t mind a woman doing the same to him. Our lives are different.
So why is it wrong for a woman to propose?
Our gender roles are different. A man feels confident when he can talk to a woman, get her attention and make her feel wholesome. He loves the chase and enjoys the game. He finds way of how to get closer and more romantic, this should be a continuous stage even In marriage but most men drop the vibe few years after the wedding bells.
Some would feel that a woman is being too forward about it. A man is meant to take lead roles in a relationship but a woman can create the environment. The man is the head of his wife so he has to pick what’s best for him. Women are created as help-meet, it’s always better when a woman sight the need and propose to a woman.
Sometimes when a woman claims to be in love with a man, she would do all she can to make it work including proposing and most times ,the man may feel pressured. A man must decide who he would end up with and hence, work towards getting the prize.
A gift is more pressured than a freebie. A gift is given by a special person while a freebie is given by anyone and it’s mostly cheap.
Let the hunter get you. Don’t be desperate. It might work for you though but please keep your pride for the man who values it.
Am sure you either agree or oppose, please drop your comment and let us know the answers to the questions with your reasons.

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  1. To me its not bad…as long as the guy can come out straight, if interested or no. Rather taking advance of her…No Dull Ur Self

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